The idea of the "Plac Defilad" project was to create an open urban space in the center of the capital city, accessible and attractive to representatives of every age and social group. The host is the city and Teatr Studio. Thanks to that, you can enjoy the wide and varied cultural and entertainment offer organized throughout the summer.

This year for "Plac Defilad" will be an unusual year. It will be an opportunity not only to participate in artistic events, but also for a wider discussion on how this square, which is supposed to stitch all the new buildings that will be here, is supposed to look in the perspective of four to five years.

This space will become the largest cultural area in this region of Europe. In the future, in no other area will function so many cultural institutions.

What will happen this season? At the beginning of July, PKiN will be setting up an artistic installation to encourage spending time together. The "Flying Carpet", the theme of "Thousand and One-Tone Fairy," was the epitome of freedom, independence, safe travel across borders and over divisions, and this work is intended to help create a space for a dialogue. As the organizers explain, their response to the rise of xenophobia, the resurgence of nationalist attitudes and the acceptance of aggression against immigrants.

Visitors to Defilad Square will also be able to see another portion of the films from the series "We Are All Photographers", VICE documentary projection series, and shows prepared in cooperation with Kinoteka. The Square will become the club of the Docs Against Gravity Festival. The program also includes: premiere of the spectacle "Narkotyki" and other award-winning shows and monodramas, broadcasts from London's National Theater and the Festival of Listening.

Guests will listen to the Sinfonia Varsovia's films' music concert , Mozart OFF concerts at the Mozart Festival, broadcasts from the MET Opera in New York, and classic jam sessions - semi-formal meetings of artists wishing to restore the tradition of common music.

The organizers also prepared the biggest dance in the city with the JazzBand, broadcast ballets from the Bolshoi Theater and a Silent Disco. The shortest night will be the excuse for the biggest dinner on the square. The end of July is all about a great cake and toast to celebrate the birthday of the Palace of Culture and Science.

Admission to all events will be free.

The full program will be published on the website and the latest news and updates are available on Facebook profile and Instagram.


12/05/2017 10:00PM Opening Event: Millennium Docs Against Gravity vol.14 on tapes

13/05/2017 01:00PM Dance workshop "Space in the body, body in space"

14/05/2017 11:00AM Joint breakfast with guests of Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival

18/05/2017 08:30PM Collective writing of sad poems

20/05/2017 01:00PM Millennium Docs Against Gravity Workshop "Seeds of those years"

20/05/2017 07:00PM Walking sound "Underground Square"

20/05/2017 08:00PM Gala closing and the Awards ceremony of the 14th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival

26/05/2017 08:00PM 4th Birthday of the Bar Studio: PAULA AND KAROL - premiere concert

30/05.2017 08:30PM Classic Jam Session


by Zuzanna Jarzębska, ESN PW